PKHub Docs

PKHub enables you to keep keys, secrets, certificates and logins secure and encrypted, while sharing this information in a secure and controlled way.


Manage secrets in a central place. PKHub provides prepared docker images that will maintain secrets updated in kubernetes. All information is always encrypted.

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Run Docker and Docker Compose instances in different environments for dev, prod, test, where each environment is managed via pkhub and always encrypted.

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App Envs

Inject secrets and certificates into programs via environments securely. Avoid the need for developers or admins to store passwords in files locally.

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Our Security

At PKHub we take security very seriously, and we do our utmost to keep with the latest industry security standards. For communications we use HTTP2 always, with support for TLS1.2 and 1.3, our ciphers are also updated and checked to ensure we always have the most secure ciphers in use. Data like Secrets, Environments, Notes, Logins, are encrypted using AES256-CBC-HMAC-SHA-512.

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Zero Knowledge

Only you have the keys to decrypt your data. This means no one (not even us) can decrypt your data without you providing us with a login. If someone would gain access to our database or storage they would not be able to decrypt any of your data, because none of your keys are stored on our systems ever.

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Password Manager

PKHub can manage your passwords and logins, and is so much more than a password manager. It is a tool that enables you to manage your encrypted data for applications in a secure way that avoids storing such data unencrypted on your computer.

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