Installation & configuration

The cli app can be install either using the installation script or downloading the application from

Run the installation script

Goto and run:

curl | sh

Install pk cli

Create and setup the application keys

Configure pk cli

Create an application key from the UI.

Remember that the secret key will only be available once, it is not stored on our servers and not recoverable after its hidden from the display.
Set a reasonable expire date and time.


Environment Variables

You can setup the environment variables PK_KEY_ID, PK_KEY_SECRET, by setting them manually, or in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc file.

export PK_KEY_ID=eab9143cbdad46ba84bddf2eea0f542e
export PK_KEY_SECRET=6b9b1b5615aed94fda4736c9664de116d8aa763d25ce96b46cfc8074742091d2

Yaml config

The application keys can be configured in the yaml file ~/.pk.yaml using:

PK_KEY_ID: eab9143cbdad46ba84bddf2eea0f542e
PK_KEY_SECRET: 6b9b1b5615aed94fda4736c9664de116d8aa763d25ce96b46cfc8074742091d2

When using the yaml config remember to remove any PK_KEY* exports from ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc